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what happens if you don’t rent a mobile grooming van while your van is being worked on.

  1.  Your long time clients need their dog groomed immediately.  Unable to wait for you.  They’ll call someone else.  If that other groomer wins them over, you lose and you lose big and here is why:
    1.  You groom the dog once a month.
    2.  Your fees are $85 per groom.
    3.  You lose 85×12=$1020.  Not just $85.  Rent one now!
  2. How much can you really lose?
    Let’s assume that you van is broken down for two weeks.  During those two weeks, you missed on grooming 50 dogs.  Five dogs per day and a five day work week.  Let’s assume that your daily gross is $400.  Let’s do the math:
    400x10x12=$48,000.  That’s a lot of money to lose.
  3. Expand your business before you purchase another mobile grooming vehicle.

Visit and rent your grooming van today!

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