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Sally decides to purchase a mobile pet grooming van. She purchases a 2010 used e350, fully converted with all the options that a groomer dreams of for an unbelievable price of $17,995.

Unlike a mobile pet grooming van business, a storefront salon continues to pay rent, continues to pay employee wages, continues to pay utilities, continue to be committed to be open 6 days a week, 10 hours a day whether it is busy or not, continues to have to renew a lease with an increase every single year, and continues to have to groom a minimum of 10 pets a day just to break even.

Sally owns her mobile grooming van free and clear; she has no expenses except for gas, insurance, and supplies. Sally only wants to groom five dogs or cats a day at an average of $75 each. She only wants to work five days a week and she wants to choose her hours.

How much money can Sally make in a month from grooming dogs and cats?

Daily income, no tips included = 75 * 5 = $375

Weekly = $375 * 5 = $1875

Monthly = $1875 * 52 / 12 = $8125

Sally’s monthly gross revenue = $8125

Monthly Profit & Loss Revenue: $8125 Expenses:

Insurance: $200

Gas: $600

Supplies: $200


Total Expenses: $1000


Monthly Net Profit: $7125

Annual Net Profit: $85,500


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