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Yes, we've had many that graduated and are working. You may use your certificates anywhere in the world.

A: You receive two;
"A Certified Pet Hygienist"
"A Certified Pet Groomer"

You have up to one year. The soonest you can finish, that we've seen, is five weeks.

Once enrolled we give you a list of what is needed. We spent hours figuering out the best tools at the least prices. We even show you where to buy them.

A: Once enrolled in the program we show you where to get dogs.

Too much money. Our course covers it all . Same education no short cuts or compromises!

Yes. Once enrolled you'll receive all study materials and yes you'll be required to take a final.

As an employee, many are making $30,000 plus per year. As an owner, especially mobile grooming, 30, 50, 60, $100,000 and even more!

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