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#1 Get Certified as a “Pet Hygienist.” Enroll Here!

Pet hygienist:  A pet hygienist is an entry level to the grooming world.  It is said, “You’re as good as your bather!”  This course includes three videos.  Hygiene 1, Hygiene 2, and Deshed.   You will learn how to handle a dog.  All the tools of the trade and how to maintain them.  Cleaning the ears.  Brushing the teeth.  Prepping the dog for the bath.  Bathing techniques.  Brushing the dog.  Drying the dog.  Tick removal.  Flea dips, and more!  Study.  Learn.  Bath and deshed one dog.  Send before and after pictures and take a final open book test.

#2 Get Certified as a “Pet Hygienist & Pet Groomer” Enroll Here!

Follow the instructions. Groom five dogs (your own, family, friends, shelters, humane societies, craigslist ads, etc…. send before and after pictures, take the final open book test, and that’s it. You have one year to complete, but many finish between four weeks and three months. All the best to you!

Establish a Clientelle of 200 pets per month and earn $7,000 per month or
$84,000 / Year!

How do I become a Certified Groomer and Certified Pet Hygienist?

  1. Watch all videos on our streaming servers day or night, 24/7. 22 Videos & hours upon hours of instructions!
  2. Watch any new uploaded video on our streaming server for free, no additional cost! Latest was the “Bedlington Terrier”
  3. Read “My Dog Grooming Guide” online!
  4. Unlimited support!
  5. All instructions and test materials! And once completed, you’ll receive:
  6. A “Pet Hygienist Certificate”
  7. A “Certified Pet Groomer Certificate”

#3 Get Certified as a “Grooming Instructor & Master Groomer” read more –>

This is what you’ll need to do.  Simple! Please study all AKC breeds, “My Dog Grooming Guide” is a good source. (Click here to download.  You’ll be able to download it once you’ve signed up and you’re loged in.  Over 160 AKC breeds.). Then place five dogs in each of the following categories:
Sporting Group – Hound Group – Working Group – Terrier Group – Toy Group – Herding Group

  Please choose any five dogs from above and describe the following:

  1. Name of Dog:  The Affenpinscher, also known as the Monkey Terrier, is a terrier-like toy Pinscher breed of dog.
  2. A “Master Groomer” is an individual who can teach others how to groom.  You need to produce two videos as follow:
  3.  The first video is about a bath, deshed, dry, and brush.  You choose your dog.  (Refer to “Pet Hygiene 1&2 and the deshed video for ideas) Also, don’t forget to mention the tools of the trade and how to maintain them.
  4. The second video is about a dog that needs grooming such as a Poodle, Yorkie, or a Westie.  You choose.  You do not need to show the bath and drying of the dog.  Just explain how you are going to groom it and why.  First, clip one side including the face, then explain to us, like you are teaching us, how you’re going to cut the other side to look like the one you already clipped. You choose any dog. Please watch one of or videos once logged in and do the same. Click to learn more!

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