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How Much Money Do Mobile Groomers Make?

Sally decides to purchase a mobile pet grooming van. She purchases a 2010 used e350, fully converted with all the options that a groomer dreams of for an unbelievable price…

Four Dog Grooming Certificates at

#1 Get Certified as a "Pet Hygienist." Enroll Here! Pet hygienist:  A pet hygienist is an entry level to the grooming world.  It is said, “You’re as good as your bather!” …

How to Make $52,000 a Year, Part Time, Grooming Dogs from Home!

Dear Dog Groomer! Hello, and welcome to My name is George, and you may always reach me at 818.512.8125 PST. No calls before 8 a.m. please. Did you know…

Become a Certified Dog Groomer

Visit and become a certified dog groomer.  Follow the instructions. Groom five dogs (your own, family, friends, shelters, humane societies, craigslist ads, etc…. send the before and after pictures, take the…

What Happens if Your Grooming Van is Being Repaired?

what happens if you don’t rent a mobile grooming van while your van is being worked on.  Your long time clients need their dog groomed immediately.  Unable to wait for…