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Dear Dog Groomer! Hello, and welcome to My name is George, and you may always reach me at 818.512.8125 PST. No calls before 8 a.m. please. Did you know that you are able to make $52,000 per year grooming dogs from your own home working part time? If not, you are here for a surprise because I am going to tell you how! 1. You need to know how to groom: That is easy, as low as $99 you are able to learn in five weeks or less by enrolling at 2. You need to be certified: Easy enough! Once you enroll at our dog grooming school and complete your studies, you will become a “Certified Pet Hygienist” and a “Certified Pet Groomer.” How to Make $52,000 Per Year Grooming Dogs? To answer that questions and after you’ve become a certified pet groomer from you will need to establish shop at home. First off, you are able to bathe dogs in your bath top. Or if you prefer, you are able to set up your garage as a working area as follow: (I will send the contact if we agree o do business)